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June 2018 “Providence and Prayer”

Volume 36 June 2018 Number 2


Articles The Sovereignty and Self-Limitation of God: Biblical and Theological Reflections on Providence – Harold Wells

Reflections on Providence and Prayer in an Age of Science – Anna Case-Winters

Deus Providebit: Providence, Prayer, Science – Michael J. Dodds, O.P.

John Caputo on Getting God off the Hook: Theodicy, Prayer, and Providence – John Suk

From the Heart The Beauty of Sitting Still When Life Falls Apart – Kate Crawford

Profile Rhea Hildegarde Menzel Whitehead – Patty Evans

Reviews Understanding World Christianity: India by Dyron Daughrity and Jesudas Athyal – Don Schweitzer

Awake to the Moments: an Introduction to Theology edited by Laurel C. Schneider and Stephen G. Ray, Jr. – Andrew O’Neill

Spiritual and Religious: Explorations for Seekers by Roger Haigh – Linda Mercadante

Critical Theology: Introducing an Agenda for an Age of Global Crisis by Carl A. Raschjke – Garrett Hantke

What a Difference a Meal Makes: The Last Supper in the Bible and in the Christian Church by Christian A. Eberhart – Alison Mock

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