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June 2016 “Vocation”

In this issue:

Volume 34 June 2016 Number 2




  1. A Funny Thing Happened…”Vocation” in the Reformation Era – Sandra Beardsall

  2. “What’s to be Done?” – “Vocation” in the Bible – Bill Richards

  3. “Killing Me Softly with His Song”: Christian Ministry as Entertainment – Ted Harrison

  4. Vocation in Music: A True Voice – Linnea Good

  5. Diaconal Vocation and Identity – Ted Dodd

  6. Discerning Vocation Today: The Critical Task of Emerging Adults – Josephine Braun

From the Heart

  1. “To Open a Window: One Mentor’s Reflection” by Peter Short


  1. John Wesley (1703-1791) and the Call to a Holy Life – Harold Wells


  1. The Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church by Pope Francis – David Deane

  2. Douglas John Hall: Collected Reading Edited by David B. Lott – Harry Oussoren

  3. I Want to Be in That Number: Cool Saints I Have Known by Lois M. Wilson – Glenys Huws

  4. No Irrelevant Jesus – On Jesus and the Church Today by Gerhard Lohfink – Barbara Zimmerman

  5. Worship in the City: Prayers and Songs for Urban Settings by Nancy Elizabeth Hardy – Emily Gordon

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