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October 2017 “Free Creative Self-Withdrawal”

October 2017 “Free Creative Self-Withdrawal” Volume 35 October 2017 Number 3


Articles God’s Justice and Righteousness – Michael Welker

“The Vision of an Archangel, The Enthusiasm of a Prophet, The Soul of a Hero”: S.D. Chown’s “Fine Act of Self-Renunciation” – Sandra Beardsall

The Power of Letting Go: The End of the Canadian Mission to Korea and the Empowerment of the Korean Church – David Kim-Cragg

Free, Creative Self-Withdrawal for the Sake of the Other – Don Schweitzer

Profile Peter Gordon White – Ruth Bradley-St. Cyr

Reviews Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet by Lyndal Roper – Harold Wells

Encounters with Luther: New Directions for Critical Studies Edited by Kirsi I. Stjerna and Brooks Scramm – Simon Muwowo

Preaching the Big Questions: Doctrine’s Not Dusty by Catherine Faith MacLean and John H. Young – Ryan Slifka

The Operation of Grace: Further Essays on Art, Faith, and Mystery by Gregory Wolfe – Kathleen James-Cavan

Ethics: The Fundamental Questions of Our Lives by Wolfgang Huber – SunDo Hyun

Dead Reckoning: The Six Phases of a Funeral by Michael K. Jones – Michael Brooks

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